Upper Moru Mines


The Entrance Caves
These dreary, silent caves are a testament to the Morudhain’s first and last attempt to settle in Mount Moru. They are all that remained of a half-built mine site, which had to be abandoned for unknown reasons. The caves featured the vestiges of what aspired to be a prosperous mine, now reduced to a couple loose timbers, overturned mine wagons and rusted rails.

A1: Guard Post
Other than dirt and wooden scaffolding, this reduced cave featured no more than a couple of rotting wooden stools and an unlit torch attached to the wall; surely a vestige of when the area was inhabited. The stools and torch were found to be used somewhat more frequently than they were made to appear.

A2: Old Mine Tunnel
This old tunnel had no features except for old mine debris and the clear appearance of a digging job interrupted long ago.

A3: Hobgoblin Squad
A natural cave, illuminated by a single torch on the north wall.
A secret door (large rock), was positioned by a dozen Hobgoblins so as to obstruct an inconvenient passageway.

A4: Junction
A crossroads in the mine; from here you could have continued on the same tunnel, or else turned left or right. In the middle of the road there was an overturned mine wagon among a pile of debris.
A Dire Rat had lived inside the overturned wagon.

A5: Dire Rat Den
Appeared as another featureless, abandoned mine tunnel, except for the barely audible skittering noises all around…
Three Dire Rats lived in tiny cavities behind the walls of this tunnel.

A6: The Stone of Goodbye
Appeared to be just like the other condemned tunnels in this mine; nothing but a huge pile of mine debris. A huge amount of rubble blocks the passage.
A Small (three foot tall) standing stone with some Morudhain engravings, was found hidden in plain sight among the mine rubble.
“The Path Dies Here We Shall Seek the Dragon Lord”

A7: Mine Cave
A large cave, more than 40 feet across, was absolutely littered with the remains of tools, furniture and assorted debris. However, some of the remains seemed to be much more recent than the others, as if they had been left only a few days ago._
The cave’s entrance sported a warning sign, improvised on a rotted wood plank. It did not seem to be written in the Common tongue…_
“Pleze do not enter – Danger – Pit of da KRITTER in Goblin.
Those who have survived an encounter with it, describe The Creature as the cross of a worm and a demonic ant.
The debris in the cave included both old mine garbage and The Creature’s own gathered refuse. A few falchions, gold pieces and pieces of silver ore (worth a few gold each) among the trash.

Upper Moru Mines

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