Upper Moru Mines2


A8: Neglected Passage
A tunnel that looked even dirtier and more neglected than the others, its beams rotted, grey and filled with cobwebs.
Two dog-sized Tarantulas had settled in that dungeon area.

A9: Dark Tunnel
Despite the overall darkness already prevailing in the mines, that area was doubtlessly the darkest section so far. Even torches and lanterns seemed dimmed by this overwhelming pit of darkness, as your neck hairs had raised instinctively.

A10: Larger Cave
A mine cave with an area of roughly 1,000 square feet. Its un-worked, solid stone walls and floor suggested it was here before the mine; however, there is a well with a masonry rim on the floor. Closer inspection revealed a line of metal rungs down the pit, allowing a man-sized creature to safely descend to whatever is below.
Three Carrion Crawlers lived in roof by-way-of multiple vents.

A11: Entrance Hall
A worked masonry chamber, about 20 feet per side. Its walls, adorned with monster-shaped bas-reliefs and carvings, seemed very old. There are two exits from this chamber; a flight of stairs on the west wall and two open passages to the north and south.
There were three vicious-looking Dogs at the south-western corner of the chamber, tied to the wall with chains attached to their leather collars. They furiously barked at the intruders as they entered.

A12: Evacuated Barracks
A stone room with rotting food littered about the floor and obscene graffiti on the walls. Evidence of missing a door and empty areas for cots suggested that this room was abandoned recently.

A13: Evacuated Stash
A room that is also missing a door and recently was left barren.

A14: Goblin Rooms
What seemed like an old masonry strip, was fitted to house two Small creatures – and two very dirty ones at that. There were two little cots, two heaps of bags and weapons and an unlit torch on the wall. The room is barely five feet across and twice as deep; it has no door, indicating it was meant not as separate quarters but as part of the main hallway.
Eight Goblins and Four Orcs were set up behind a barricade and a Dwarven prisoner.

A15: Fortress Entrance
The incredibly tall stone walls of this great square room are carved and adorned like a castle’s entrance hall, although the chamber seemed quite old and deteriorated. There was a large iron door on the far wall of the chamber and two rows of half-columns lining the east and west walls. The east wall was adorned with a dark blue banner depicting a lightning bolt. Other than that, the room has an oppressively bare look, retaining little of what was its former splendour. The strangest thing about the whole chamber is what is clearly a makeshift bed, no matter how out of place that may seem, on the room’s south-eastern corner.
When the last defender fell, the large iron door closed. The attackers eventually beat down the door with physical and magical means.

Upper Moru Mines2

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